Safe is risky.

It’s a quote said by the well known entrepreneur Seth Godin, which is now turned into a mantra for every creative business. How to get your ideas to spread by TED filmed in 2003 never gets old, since it keeps inspiring young students and professionals (no matter the industry you work for) around the globe and is also a powerful reminder about marketing nowadays. The ideals of the best communication strategy change constantly and even though you have to watch the video, I’m going to share to you the most memorable words from the marketing guru.


  • By Cindy Chaps
  • 12th February 2016
  • Monterrey, México.

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1 — Nothing works the way it used to

The thing that every strategist and creative thinker have to keep in mind is that no matter how hard you try to push your product/brand into the wild, it won’t work if it’s not well constructed. People is tired of perceiving the same. Our world is not the same anymore. The new generations are growing in a very different environment and the old ones are exhausted to see the same and old marketing tactics.


2 — If you’re lucky, they’ll tell their friends

Seth mentions that mass media doesn’t work the same way anymore, the basic strategy was simple according to his chart: Making average products for average people. Now these people are no longer the main target, but those innovators and early adopters because they’re the ones who really care.

Every market has its own niche, the key is to talk to them, touch them, be specific and reduce it as much as you can, because, they are the only ones who will listen to you. And once they listen, they will spread your idea.


3 — So, is it remarkable?

Keyword. Godin said a few different examples. Frank Gehry did not only designed the Guggenheim Museum, but did changed the entire city of Bilbao’s economy. Why? Because it is spectacular and remarkable. Create unique and unseen things that people haven’t seen before, better yet: Figure what people really want and give it to them.

Conclusion: Will you still be repeating the same strategies to the same average people? Or will you be making the remarkable, the off limits? Remember: Safe is risky.