Free Pitching = Unethical work.

Many design companies and advertising agencies, even independent designers get invitations from potential clients to develop a concept or a strategy for their service or product, competing against each other with the final purpose of getting a “winner”. The goal for the businesses that look for these kind of “deals” is to get more ideas for less money. But, do these businesses and creative agencies actually take advantage from these kind of activities?


  • By Mario Almaraz
  • 28th January 2016
  • Monterrey, Mexico

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Does the experience counts?

Most of the times working in a pitch is to work with a little time, scarce information, wobbly objectives and almost no contact with the client, which is the result of a useless work for them and for us. If we add that the agency’s main objective is to win the challenge more than solving the problem, where is the benefit?

A portfolio is the face of an agency, is the trajectory embodied in projects and we try to expand more and more with the best pieces and client list, it’s the sample of our work that we show for the client to trust us, but when we accept these kind of proposals we are actually devaluing our work, our experience and professional credibility of other creatives and designers.


Stop pitching

Having a good business card, website, creative skills for solving problems and satisfied clients is the reason why we are professionals. Why giving our work for free when nobody else does it? Have you seen a doctor giving free surgeries? If you have ever been invited to participate in a pitch, maybe they don’t care for your experience too much.

Rejecting this offers and explaining why, will speak better about us and our profession. Let’s leave behind these kind of clients who don’t take the growth of their businesses seriously to another “creative” people.