Are you killing or creating brands?

In Graphic Design industry, it’s pretty common to notice projects from different agencies and studios around the globe with the same forms, color or even typography. This is what we call a trend. When a graphic style stands out and becomes popular, everyone wants to try it until the hype fades and the project’s life ends almost immediately. I’m wondering, have designers forgot what’s our main goal as professionals?


  • By Cindy Chaps
  • 22th February 2016
  • Monterrey, México.

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Functionality vs. Aesthetic

A trend leaves as fast as it comes. We create functional visual communication where there is none and when a new project knocks the door, the first thing to do is to understand what the client needs, because an aesthetic identity is just an empty and lifeless being. Imagine you standing in front of the amazing Mont Saint Michel, it’s beautiful, huge and imposing, but you actually have the urge to enter and perceive how is inside the castle. Big pillars, brick after brick, incredible tiny details, the smell of antique, the history and the soul it preserve. This essence behind is the support of the visual communication. Functionality + Esthetic is what makes a great project and what will make you a great designer.

The client’s happiness doesn’t always mean you did right.
Many Graphic Designers use the same trendy techniques and their clients end up happy and satisfied without the knowledge that at that exact same time, thousands of designers are creating something similar to their logo, poster or website. Even though sometimes trends can be exploited by exposing a genuine and deep meaning of why it’s like that, most of the times the client’s brand/project visual strategy will just die away.

As a creative, is your conscious peaceful after delivering your trendy work?